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Type of Vehicle
Manufacturer/Maker: Model:
Year of Manufacture: Kind of Vehicle:
Type of Vehicle: Total Vehicle Weight in Kgs.:
Vehicle Data
Kerb (Structural) Gross (Loaded)
Vehicle Weight (front):  kg  kg
Vehicle Weight (rear):  kg  kg
Max. Vehicle Speed:  km/h Centre of Gravity Height:  m
Front Axle Rear Axle
Tyre Size (Dynamic Radius):
Number of Brakes:        
Brake Design (Without Parking Device):
Engine Output (kw/rpm)      kw/     rpm
Wheel Base      m   
Use of Brake: i.e. service/parking/auxiliary  
Necessary Braking Values
For Service Brake   %bzw For Service Brake    m/sec2
For Parking Brake   %bzw  For Parking Brake   m/sec2
For Auxiliary Brake   %bzw For Auxiliary Brake   m/sec2
Or according to StVZO
Transmission Wheel to Service Brake 1:
Wheel to Parking Brake 1:
Wheel to Auxiliary Brake 1:
Hand Brake Lever to Brake 1:
Admissible hand force at the hand brake lever    N             Or acc.to STVZO
Admissible pedal force    N             Or acc.to STVZO
Efficiency of the Control Gear

Mark the relevant tick box referring to the brake operating manner below
Service Brake Parking Brake
 Mechanical                         Hydraulic  Mechanical                         Hydraulic
 Hyd-Mech  Hyd-Mech
 Pneumatic-Spring Actuator  Pneumatic-Spring Actuator
 Pneumatic-Hydraulic  Pneumatic-Hydraulic
Auxiliary Brake Service Brake
 Mechanical                         Hydraulic  Main Cylinder Servo Unit
 Hyd-Mech  Single-Dual Circuit Brake
 Pneumatic-Spring Actuator  Combination Cylinder
 Pneumatic-Hydraulic  Compressed Air-Diaphragm-Piston Cylinder
Parking Brake Auxiliary Brake
 Main Cylinder Servo Unit  Main Cylinder Servo Unit
 Single-Dual Circuit Brake  Single-Dual Circuit Brake
 Combination Cylinder  Combination Cylinder
 Compressed Air-Diaphragm-Piston Cylinder  Compressed Air-Diaphragm-Piston Cylinder
Operating Pressures for Calculations
Supply only relevant information ignore non relevant data fields
Hydraulic Pressure   bar
Compressed Air   bar
Relevant Service Medium
 Brake Fluid                       Hydraulic                       Mineral Oil
Please supply Oil Type/Specification 
Extraordinary Demands on the Brake
Braking at Steady Direction Reverse  Yes          No
Use of Device in Water  Yes          No
Braking the Device on Dredger or Crane Operation  Yes          No
When Dredger operation - Bail pull   N